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These walking sticks and canes made by our former curator Ken White and family will be offered Free to all veterans this summer at the Museum.

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4 weeks ago

Maine Forestry Museum MFM

I know this says Boothbay Region but I'm sure Rangeley's maples are dying to go too!!! ...

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1 month ago

Maine Forestry Museum MFM

Appalachian trail hikers Everett and Mel Skinner just leaving the Saddleback Mountain fire tower in October of 1968. Since the AT passed right by the tower and camp, visitors to this lookout were frequent. (Don Hicks photo) ...

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Working The Woods




In sections arranged by birch, oak, spruce, and more, “Working the Woods” tells the story of the Northern Forest in Maine through the lives of 21 workers in the woods: basket makers, canoe builders, guides, hunters, loggers, poets, tinkerers, wood carvers, and more. The artists range throughout the state of Maine, from Ashland and Presque Isle in the north to Rangeley and Paris in the west and east to Montville and Old Town, and beyond.

By Margaret Yocom and Kathleen Mundell, with Peggy McKenna. Features photographs by Cedric Chatterley, Jere de Waters, Melville McLean, Peggy McKenna, and Margaret Yocom. All proceeds go to the work of the Rangeley Lakes Region Logging Museum. Design by Amy Fischer, Camden, Maine. Cover art by Margaret Rizzio.

“It’s not you that handles the wood, it’s the wood that leads you.” Wolf Sanipass, wood carver.
“Working the Woods” book $3.00

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