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Dogwood!!! ...

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2 weeks ago

Maine Forestry Museum MFM Forest Service Ranger 223 (Joel Cyr) pulls over on the Golden Road to let a load of wood go by in 1973. Back then, Great Northern kept the Golden Road so well graded that loads could travel at 60-70 mph. Thanks to Joel Cyr for this photo. Description by Forest Fire Lookout Association Maine Chapter. ...

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2 weeks ago

Maine Forestry Museum MFM

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We found this rusted peavey head a few years back while searching for remains of the 1919 lookout on the summit of Black Cat Mountain in T1 R9. The handle was completely rotted off. It now hangs on the porch at camp.

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$75,001 – $100,000        Logger’s Platinum Circle

$50,001 – $75,000           Logger’s Golden Circle

$25,001 – $50,000           Saw Mill Circle

$5,001 – $25,000              Boom Chain Club

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Our Mission:

To preserve the rich cultural heritage of forestry and conservation in the State of Maine so that it may be shared with generations to come; to educate about the contributions of logging, logging families, and the forestry industry; to instill appreciation for the natural resources of the Maine forest; and to inspire visitors to support this cultural preservation and encourage others to join in the effort.

Our Vision:

Grow awareness of the Maine Forestry Museum through enhanced communication efforts.

Cultivate capable future stewards of Maine’s natural resources by creating a deeper connection between Maine’s young citizens and its forests through on-site interactive educational opportunities for middle- and high-schoolers across the state.

Expand the Museum facility to accommodate and display additional artifacts, exhibits, and interactive learning experiences that bring lessons of our history, related science, and environmental stewardship to life.

Establish long-term financial support of the mission and vision through a dedicated effort and increased focus on fundraising.


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